Paris region

Paris region - île de France



The grains cross


Grain cross



The grain cross or "croix à graines" has a structure made of wires of gold connected together by flat discs, themseves interspersed with circular groups of five small spheres.  A groupe of seven spheres is set at the centre of the cross, while the suspension loop is attached to a fleur-de-lys motif.  These crosses were worn in the region delimited by Paris, Chalons-en-Champagne and Troyes and perhaps further afield.



The lentilles cross



lentilles cross in gold or silver



The suggestion that these crosses were worn in the Paris region was made by the late Michel Yvon, a great connaisseur of French regional jewellery.  I will continue my research to confirm his thought.  Two of the three crosses shown above have marks showing they were chewed by children.



Paris region - île de France